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Life thoughts: nice [Aug. 26th, 2007|01:41 am]
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[mood |tiredbut good]

The theater retreat was great, but very intense because of the sheer number of people (in a smallish communal cabin/cottage/"retreat thing"), and because of my own lack of sleep. I found I had to "recover" a fair amount today. I had a three-hour nap and just sat around talking to members of my family today and doing Saturday cleaning of the bathrooms and catching up on some dishes (especially since I traded turns with Elizabeth while I was gone). I did a lot of thinking about my major and how that combines with medicine as well this week, and I'm frustrated not only with the angsty thoughts of school just on the brink of starting and me having lots of thoughts of theater involvement and trying to hold lots of new (and pertinant) scheduling and other information in my mind, but because I didn't necessarily do everything I had wanted to do today to keep planning for school starting. My main concerns are really that my bedroom still seems to be an unacceptable mess in lieu of starting 5 courses on Monday with accompanying books and materials to potentially get lost in the mess, and that my school email account is still overflowing. (That part, the latter, really bugs the crap out of me. SIGH.) The email is particularly annoying, because there's a lot of it, but it's so pertinant to school that I certainly don't feel that I can really leave it as one of those "projects that stays undone until when school lets out again.") Darn?!?!

I guess sleeping now as my body and mind are urging me to would not be uncalled for, and maybe I can worry about the clearing-everything-out later. Everything else pertaining to school- the important legal, financial, logistic, transportation, outside duty, employment, college major, and even social concepts- are all taken care of. As my brother and I said to each other a couple weeks ago this summer, "We probably ARE completely ready to go to school. We MIGHT be able to go right now if it were to start! That's probably why we're freaking out and worrying."

With peace and anticipation,