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I'm a future doctor and surgeon, and a grown homeschooler. I was homeschooled by my parents from kintergarten/pre-school through my final year of high school. I have a big interest in both natural medicine that is as free from drugs and unnecessary invasiveness as possible, and in emergency medicine. Nearly all of my own hospital and emergency room experiences were due to accidents or some kind of medium-sized trauma. I dream of becoming an emergency or trauma surgeon or a plastic surgeon that specializes in injury. I was trained in the arts for most of my childhood, and I have sung, danced (modern, ballet, jazz, improv, choreography, in order of experience), performed on stage hundreds of times, played the violin, soloed, and was a member of the Fort Wayne Youth Symphony for four years.

I am in college at a small, private liberal arts college majoring in Theatre Arts and taking the required pre-medical courses for entrance into medical school. I love people most and working with them in any fashion- but especially helping them in practical ways. To me, because I gave up the idea of actively pursuing a career as a violin soloist, I feel music would not help people practically enough to use my gifts. I prefer to help people in an active, hands-on, and crucial way, at the time when they most need my skill. Other people, I think, have the gift of giving music to people and bringing joy or catharthis to the public or other groups. I did not have this gift I think, though I had a gift for music, and I feel little regret except that I think others may have thought I should have pursued this (actually, I feel this "should" from others very strongly because most of my family wanted a professional musician in the family, not just a "casual" one. Instead, I chose to take the route of the rest of the family [if they got to, why shouldn't I?!], and let someone else change that pattern.) I am doing what I want to do now, with theater as the combined study of the arts/performance that I am so familiar with and the study of human lives as seen through plays and the theater. I like learning about the art of acting and plan to use these years to study myself and become a better, more well-adjusted person before I go on to try to help other people with their pain.

I did not enter college right away after high school (after the change of career plans and other things that came up unexpectedly and made me reconsider my life-long ideas of moving away to college at the "appropirate time"), but in fall 2005 I enrolled part-time and am now a full-time student with an expected graduation of 2009 or 2010. I am interested in others who may be "older" students (it's sort of an odd mix being very slightly older but not a full-fledged "adult" student with family, career, or kids to take care of at home).

I like truth, peace, liberal politics, balance, the great outdoors and nature, chemistry, performing and fine arts, and family.

For those who like to personality type (as I do!), I am an INTJ, Enneagram 1w2 wing, and a SX/SO/SP.

With peace to you and yours~


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"What would you do if you knew you could not fail?" --Dr. Robert Schuller

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